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MAGNUM XL 54 Color Scanner

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The MAGNUM XL 54 wide-format color scanners incorporate the latest and best in imaging technology for high-quality full color scanning and copying of the largest formats. The scanner’s 54” imaging area can handle color posters, architectural sketches, detailed maps, drawings and fine art from small to extra-large sizes.

High speed scanning, high resolutions, Scan Accuracy with ALE technology, quality guide plate rollers and Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control (ATAC) are all combined in the MAGNUM XL 54 making it the perfect device for effective and reliable high-production scanning.

These state of the art scanners offer unlimited possibilities for professional imaging services, copy service providers, POP/Exhibit/Display companies, graphic professionals, Mapping, Architect and Engineer offices.

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  • Very wide imaging area - scans A0/E landscape formats.
  • Fast color and monochrome scanning.
  • 42 bit color capture for photo-realistic vivid colors.
  • 14 bit graytone capture for perfect reproduction of grayshades.
  • Stabile scan accuracy of 0.1% +- 1 pixel with ALE technology.
  • Specially designed All-Wheel-Drive for guiding wide originals.
  • Scans Thick Media – up to 0.6” (15mm.)
  • Automatic Thick Media Adjustment Control (ATAC).
  • Detachable glass-plate to bring down service costs.
  • Flexible connectivity - FireWire Plug ‘n’ Play and SCSI.
  • Scan to PDF format option.
  • Scan to network, also across the internet.
  • 3C Automatic Maintenance System.
  • Color matching to printer & media.
  • Advanced options for printing of grayshades.
  • Built-in Basic calibration – black-and-white points.
  • Built-in Precision Color calibration.

MAGNUM XL 54 Color Scanner Model BASE PLUS
Maximum Resolution: (in dpi) 800 2400
Optical Resolution: (in dpi) 508 508
Scan Accuracy: 0.1% +- 1 pixel X X
Variable Resolution Setting: from 50 dpi in one dpi increments X X
Scan Speed: 400dpi Turbo, 24 bit RGB scans 1.5"/s 3.0"/s
Scan Speed: 400dpi Turbo, 8 bit Index color scans 3.0"/s 3.0"/s
Scan Speed: 400dpi Turbo, B/W scans 4.0"/s 8.0"/s
Media Maximim Width: 56 (1420 mm.) X X
Media Maximum Thickness: 0.6" ( 15mm) X X
Scan Width: 54 Inches (1372 mm.) X X
Digital Image Processing embedded in hardware:
Dual 2D-Adaptive Enhancement X X
Dual 2D-Adaptive Gray X X
ADL+ Error Diffusion Halftoning X X
2D-Sharpening/2D-Softening/2D-Blur Filter X X
2D-Adaptive Thresholding X X
Color Feature Extraction X X
Scan Modes:
24-bit color X X
8 bit Feature Extraction/indexed color X X
8 bit graytone mode with 256 gray levels X X
Copy modes with grayshades X X
B/W Dual 2D-Adaptive mode X X
1 bit black-and-white X X
Color Adjustment:
3x3 matrix multiplier X X
Independent RGB tone curves (Gamma) X X
Independent black-and-white point setting X X
Color space:
3C Auto-Maintenance System:
Auto-alignment to a fraction of a pixel X X
Auto-stitching to a fraction of a pixel X X
Basic Calibration X X
Precision Color Calibration X X
Auto monitoring and correction (stitching, black-and-white point) X X
Quadruple 4-linear CCDs (RGB triplets+Panchromatic BW) X X
30.000 pixels (RGB triplets) X X
42-bits of color data capture X X
14 bits of graytone data capture X X
All-Digital cameras X X
One Touch Scanning (scan, copy, email): X X
Advanced Power Management:
Temperature Control X X
Low Power Mode X X
Programmable power up timer X X
All-Wheel-drive: Broad precision rollers & contour adjustment X X
Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control (ATAC)
Optimal grip of guide plate on variable thickness dimensions (max 0.6") X X
Built-in roller axel pressure sensors X X
ATAC button on operators panel X X
Light source: Color matched fluorescent lamps CRI>95 X X
User Replaceable Parts : Glass-plate X X
Optics: Torsion stabilized for portability X X
FireWire X X
Ultrafast SCSI X X
STI (Still Image Interface) and WIA (Windows Image acquisition) support X X
66.1” wide x 7.3”high x 18.3”deep   (1680 x 185 x 465 mm.)   70 kg X X
Power: 110/220/240V, 60/50cs, 180W X X
Interface board (included): X X
WIDEsystem Kit (included):
Drivers, NET server/client, Maintenance software, Maintenance sheet


Copy Software (optional): JETimage NET X X
Scan software (optional): WIDEimage NET X X
Floor Stand (optional): Includes document basket X X
Thick Media Support Table (Optional): Floor stand required X X
Host Platforms:
Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP with SCSI X X
Windows ME, 2000, XP with FireWire X X
Power Macintosh X X
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