ACS 4600 Plus - Aperture Card Scanner

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Robust Aperture Card Scanner. Scans aperture card based drawings and documents. Reads Hollerith information punched into each card. Can also be used with a large format printer for high performance blow back. Perfect for Manufacturing and Service Bureaus

Sensors  One 8,000 Element CCD, 8000 pixels
Sampled Resolutions  25 to 2400 dpi
Media Width  Aperture Cards supported: MIL-C-9877b, MIL-C-9949, MIL-D-9868, ISO 3272, and DIN 19052. Silver and Diazo cards supported
Scan Width  Uses Aperture Cards
Scan Length  Uses Aperture Cards
Scan Modes  8-bit graytone with 256 gray levels, Copy modes with ADL+ Error Diffusion halftoning, B/W Dual 2D-Adaptive Modes, 1-bit black-and-white line mode
3C Maintenance System  Basic Calibration; Auto monitoring and correction (black-and-white point)
All-Wheel-Drive  N/A
Adjustment  Dual 2D-Adaptive enhancement processing, Dual 2D-Adaptive Gray, ADL+ Error Diffusion Halftoning, 2D-Adaptive Thresholding, Graytone 2D-Sharpening, Softening and Blur
Light Source  Stabilized halogen lamp
Optics  Apochromatic lense, compact path, torsion stabilized for portability
Interface  USB 1.1, FireWire, and STI (Still Image Interface)
Dimensions  13.3” wide x 7.9” high x 23.6” deep
Weight  55.11 lbs (25 Kg)
Power  110/220/240V, 60/50hz. 130W
MTBF  7000 hours
MTTR  0.5 hours
Relative Humidity  20% to 90% (no condensation)
Shock and Vibration  Operating: 1G, 10-150 Hz. Storage:10G, (in case) no harm to scanner
Standards  UL114 (4th edition); part 15 FCC rules; designed to meet IEC 380
Heat Dissipation  614 BTU/hr.
Operating Noise Level  58 dBa at 1 meter
Includes  6 ft power cable, User documentation, 24 Months Return to Depot Warranty with first six-months on site
Requires  WIDEimage Interface Kit
Temperature  Operating: 10-40 deg C Storage: 10-70 deg C
Options  IntraSCAN and PlanRoom
Color File Formats  N/A
Monochrome File Formats  PCX, IMGCM, IMGCC, IMGGEM
Compressed Binary File Formats  CALS Group4 Type 1&2 (Tiled), GR4AB, IG4, CIT, TIFF Group3 & Group4
Gray Shade File Formats  PCX, TifUN, IGS, TIFF, LZW
Print/Plot File Formats  EPS, HPGL, VER, CRFF, JDL, HP-PCL, ATL, SCM, HP-PCL, and HP-RTL
Platforms Supported  Windows 98, 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, with USB; Windows ME, 2000, XP with FireWire


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