ACS 4600 Plus - Aperture Card Scanner

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Robust Aperture Card Scanner. Scans aperture card based drawings and documents. Reads Hollerith information punched into each card. Can also be used with a large format printer for high performance blow back. Perfect for Manufacturing and Service Bureaus

Supports Real-time Image Processing
Automatic Card Feeder
Digital Signal Processing
Reduction Ratios 37x to 7.5x
Scan to Network
Supports FireWire and USB

The IDEAL ACS 4600 Plus Aperture Card Scanner is a cost-effective solution designed for fast, high volume scanning of aperture card based engineering drawings & scientific documents for use in conversion to CAD, populating an online planroom, and Product Data Management (PDM) applications. The IDEAL ACS 4600 Plus Scanner can efficiently rasterize drawings from E-Size (A0) to A-Size (A4) stored on aperture cards, through FireWire or USB interface.
Black & White Accuracy
The ACS 4600 Plus Scanner is extremely accurate, with the use of an 8,000 element Charge Coupled Device (CCD). The ACS 4600 Basic Scanner scans with unparalleled accuracy, +/-0.1% in both the X and Y axis to ensure the most accurate scan possible. In addition, the ACS 4600 Plus Scanner has the capability of scanning hole punched cards for automatic control of document sizes, reduction ratios, and file naming.

High Performance Scanning
The ACS 4600 Plus offers the highest, truest resolution in its price class with fixed resolution settings from 50 to 2400 dpi. Offering outstanding throughput, ACS 4600 Plus scans cards at an average rate of 300 per hour, depending upon the size of the unreduced drawing stored on the aperture card. The ACS 4600 Plus has a built-in feeder which stacks up to 100 cards per session that can be used in automatic or single feed mode, and it has the ability to manipulate an individual card bi-directionally for preview scanning. The ASC 4600 Plus Scanner can be used stand-alone or as an integrated component of a customized solution. The ACS 4600 Plus Scanner requires WIDEimage, scanner operating software. WIDEimage utilizes the built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that enhances images in real time. The unique 2-D Adaptive Thresholding provides clean, crisp scans from poor originals, automatically adapting to compensate for varying backgrounds. Also hole-filling and despeckling are performed on the fly while scanning.

Scan to Network
IntraSCAN, an optional software package from IDEAL, lets you scan aperture cards to the network. IntraSCAN jobs are organized and accessed using a web browser on the scanner workstation. IntraSCAN jobs can output to IDEAL's PlanRoom. Archive aperture card drawings on a company intranet or a secure, password protected internet with PlanRoom. Search, retrieve, view, and print large format drawings using only a standard web browser.

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