IDEAL/Contex 42" CRYSTAL G600 Basic Color Scanner
IDEAL / Contex  CRYSTAL G600 Basic Color Scanner

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IDEAL / Contex 42" CRYSTAL G600 Basic Color Scanner

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  • Energy Star Compliant
  • Very fast color and improved speed in monochrome scanning
  • 48 bit color capture for photo-realistic vivid colors
  • 16 bit graytone capture for perfect grayshades
  • All-Wheel-Drive with contour adjustment
  • Scans Thick Media – up to 0.6” (15mm
  • Automatic Thick Media Adjustment Control (ATAC)
  • Replaceable parts to bring down service costs
  • Flexible Plug ‘n’ Play connectivity - FireWire and Hi-Speed USB
  • Scan to PDF format option
  • Advanced options for printing of grayshades
  • Color matching to printer & media
  • 3C Automatic Maintenance System
  • Built-in Basic calibration – black-and-white points
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The IDEAL/Contex CRYSTAL G600 Energy Efficient Color Scanner meets all your wide-format scanning needs with high quality grayscale, crisp, clear black and white and photo realistic colors. The Crystal HS Basic Color Scanner is the best possible scanner 42 “ wide scan-to-print for color renderings, maps, and large color graphics where heavy detail is important. The IDEAL/Contex CRYSTAL G600 Basic Color Scanner is used in the GIS, Reprographics, CAD, and Graphic Arts industries for color classification for vectorization, storage, retrieval, conversion to CAD, populating an online planroom, and scan-to-print. It can efficiently rasterize drawings up to 42” wide (E-Size) by any length on media up to 0.6” thick. The IDEAL/Contex CRYSTAL G600 Color Scanner is front-loading and can be used stand-alone or as an integrated component of a customized solution. This scanner is Energy Star and RoHS Compliant.

Color Accuracy
The IDEAL/Contex CRYSTAL G600 Basic Color Scanner includes a thirty-day timed out version of JETimage NET which performs image capture, color mapping, and transfer directly to a standard inkjet plotter. The IDEAL/Contex CRYSTAL G600 Basic Color Scanner supports Area Diffusion Logic (ADL) which allows documents containing mixed photographic and line-art (including text) areas to be captured with greater detail. This new scanner incorporates the 3C Auto-Maintenance system that keeps the cameras perfectly aligned, adjusted, and calibrated for optimal image quality. The 3C Auto-Maintenance system aligns and stitches the cameras to a fraction of a pixel giving the highest wide format image precision available.

Accuracy Lens Enhancement Technology
The IDEAL/Contex CRYSTAL G600 Basic Color Scanncer uses Accuracy Lens Enhancement Technology (ALE) that electronically maintains 0.1% +/- pixel precision across any two points of the scan line thus exceeding even the most rigid requirements. With this scanner there is a very grade of precision stability in the scanned image.

High Performance Scanning
The IDEAL/Contex CRYSTAL G600 Basic Color Scanner has variable resolution settings from 50 to 1200 dpi, selectable in one dpi increments to match user requirements. The Basic model scanner can scan a typical E-Size monochrome original at 12.0” per second at 400 dpi turbo. The IDEAL/Contex CRYSTAL G600 Basic Color Scanner requires WIDEimage NET, the operating software for color scanning. The IDEAL/Contex CRYSTAL G600 Scanner can extract color and patterns of color into separate layers which can then be converted to DXF and DGN vector files with WiseImage.

Scan, Index, and Edit
ScanOS, intelligent title block content recognition software with built-in, breakthrough OCR technology, automatically extracts title block information from scanned drawings to an archive database. ScanOS, an optional software package from IDEAL, provides a solution to the bottleneck problem of indexing hundreds and thousands of drawings during and after the scanning process. Edit drawings in raster with the same ease as editing a CAD file using WiseImage, an optional intelligent raster editing software package from IDEAL. WiseImage is a powerful drawing editor that performs raster to vector conversion and OCR.

Scan, Share, and PrintArchiveCenter for Workgroups. Store large format drawings on a company intranet or a secure, password protected internet with IDEAL’s Online PlanRoom. Search, retrieve, view, and print large format drawings using only a standard web browser.

Looking to turn your inkjet into a digital copier? Scan large format monochrome originals with heavy detail and print them out to any inkjet plotter without losing any details. The IDEAL/Contex CRYSTAL G600 Basic Color Scanner is the perfect front-end to any Windows-based inkjet plotter. Use the optional Copy Kit to mount your PC and touch screen directly on the scanner for a convenient scan to print system.

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