IDEAL/Contex 36"CHAMELEON G600 Basic Color Scanner
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IDEAL / Contex 36"CHAMELEON G600 Basic Color Scanner

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  • Energy Star Compliant
  • 36” Wide Image Area
  • Front-loading Increasing Productivity
  • Handles Media up to 0.6” Thick
  • All-Wheel-Drive with contour adjustment
  • FireWire and USB2 Connectivity
  • Automatic Camera Alignment
  • Accuracy Lens Enhancement Technology
  • Programmable Buttons for Scanning, Copying, and Emailing
  • Calibrates to both sRGB and NTSC color spaces
  • Accuracy Lens Enhancement Techology

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The IDEAL / Contex CHAMELEON G600 Basic Scanner is designed to introduce professionals in the CAD, A/E/C, In-House Repro, Sign , Pre-press, Copy, POP and Display markets to a wide format document scanner at an affordable price that is adaptable to various scanning needs. The IDEAL / Contex CHAMELEON G600 Basic Scanner can be used for vectorization, storage, retrieval, conversion to CAD, populating an online planroom, and scan-to-print. It can efficiently rasterize drawings up to 36” wide (E-Size) by any length on media up to 0.6” thick. This scanner comes with WIDEmail software for emailing scanned (and compressed)image files. The IDEAL / Contex CHAMELEON G600 Basic can be used stand-alone or as an integrated component of a customized solution. this scanner is Energy Star and RoHS Compliant.

Color Accuracy
The IDEAL / Contex CHAMELEON G600 Basic Color Scanners creates images in photo realistic color, high quality gray scale, and crisp, clear black and white. Color is captured at 48 bits for maximum color precision, passing the best 24 bits of color data to the computer. This scanner is front-loading, and scans with unparalleled accuracy, +/- 0.1% in both the X and Y-axis to ensure the most accurate scan possible. The IDEAL / Contex CHAMELEON G600 TX Basic Scanner includes a thirty-day timed out version of JETimage NET. This copier interface takes advantage of the scanners Dual 2-D Adaptive Enhancement features with Area Diffusion Logic and Error Diffusion Half-toning which allows documents containing mixed photographic and line-art (including text) areas to be captured with greater detail. JETimage NET also has advanced scan to print features that support advanced layout options such as paneling, tiling, and nesting of printed output as well as tracking capability of paper and copying usage. This new scanner incorporates the 3C Auto-Maintenance system that keeps the cameras perfectly aligned, adjusted, and calibrated for optimal image quality. The 3C Auto-Maintenance system aligns and stitches the cameras to a fraction of a pixel giving the highest wide format image precision available. The IDEAL / Contex CHAMELEON G600 Basic can easily be upgraded to the IDEAL / Contex CHAMELEON G600 Plus scanner with a Smart Card Upgrade Kit enabling users to increase scanning speed without incurring the cost of a new scanning device. .

Accuracy Lens Enhancement Technology
The IDEAL / Contex CHAMELEON G600 Basic Scanner uses Accuracy Lens Enchancement Technology (ALE) that electronically maintains 0.1% +/- 1 pixel precision across any two points of the scan line thus exceeding even the most rigid requirements. With this scanner there is a very high grade of precision stability in the scanned image.

High Performance Scanning
The IDEAL / Contex CHAMELEON G600 Basic Scanner has variable resolution settings from 50 to 1200 dpi selectable in one dpi increments to match user requirements. This scanner can scan a typical E-Size monochrome original at 12.0” per second at 400 dpi turbo and an E-Size color original at 0.6" per second at 400 dpi turbo. For scan-to-file applications, The IDEAL / Contex CHAMELEON G600 Basic requires WIDEimage NET, the operating software for scanning. The scanned raster images obtained from the IDEAL / Contex CHAMELEON G600 Basic Scanner can be edited in raster or converted to DXF vector files with WiseImage, an optional software package from IDEAL. The IDEAL / Contex CHAMELEON G600 Basic Scanner supports FireWire and USB2 connectivity.

Scan, Index, and Edit
ScanOS provides single-field indexing for every document scanned, and automatically generates the filename, time & date, and the computer operator’s name to the database record. ScanOS stores drawings and index data in an ODBC compliant archive in many formats including PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and BMP. Edit drawings in raster with the same ease as editing a CAD file using WiseImage, an optional intelligent raster editing software package from IDEAL. WiseImage is a powerful drawing editor that performs raster to vector conversion and OCR.

Scan, Share, and Print
Provide instant network access of scanned drawings with IDEAL’s ArchiveCenter for Workgroups. Archive large format drawings on a company intranet or a secure, password protected internet with IDEAL’s ArchiveCenter for the Enterprise. Search, retrieve, view, and print large format drawings using only a standard web browser. ArchiveCenter can be upgrade to IDEAL's Online PlanRoom for bid management, project management, and ordering drawings.

Looking to turn your inkjet into a digital copier? Scan large format monochrome originals with heavy detail and print them out to any inkjet plotter without losing any details. The IDEAL / Contex CHAMELEON G600 Basic Scanner is the perfect front-end to any Windows-based laser, thermal inkjet, or electrostatic printers and plotters. Use the optional Copy Kit to mount your PC and touch screen directly on the scanner for a convenient scan to print system.

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